Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Quidditch Wristwarmer

Warning--This pattern is completely untested and is being written while I am half asleep. The are mistakes somewhere.

Special thank you to Karen (Lykkefanten on Ravelry) for letting me use her R chart.

Yarn should be worsted weight. Gauge should be apx. 5 spi in stockinette

CO 40 sts with blue yarn
Rounds 1-5 [k2,p2] till end
Rounds 6-23 Knit
Rounds 24-29 [k2,p2] till end
BO in pattern

Using sliver/bronze yarn, duplicate stitch R chart onto the stockinette section.
Feel free to do chart in intarsia instead of duplicate stitch and to adjust pattern to fit your wrist better or change the size of yarn.

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