Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No Spend October

After hearing about Dawn's no spend year, we decided to do something similar. We are planning on doing a minimal spending year, but need to take some time to iron out the details, so we are doing a no spend month in October. We still have a few details to decide on, but here are the basics.

The only things we can buy in October are:

Food-The kind found at the grocery store, not the kind found at restaurants.

Food Prep Items-Anything that we truly need to prepare food. (I doubt we will be buying out of this category this month)

Personal Care Items-Shampoo, deodorant, etc.

Medicine- I hope we won't need any, but we might


Tires for Darren's car- it needs them badly

Pet Care- They have to eat too. They will not be getting any toys this month though. I haven't told them yet. They will be sad.

We might be buying train tickets this month, because I need to see my family and if we buy them now, it will be cheaper.

We will also have to pay our bills. We are keeping internet service and Netflix. We still need to figure out Darren's soda situation. He buys at least one soda a day ( in his refillable cup). This is food, and is going to be allowed (I don't want to see him without caffeine). However, I need to figure out if it is cheaper from the grocery store.

If everything works out this month, we will start a minimal spending year in November (yarn is a necessity and I have a tiny stash).


jessweetj said...

If he's getting soda at a gas station you should try and find one that's $.39 or whatever for a refill. We have one close to me here and if I *need* a caffeine fix then I know where to go ;)

Good luck!

djmeurer said...

Thanks for your comment. Darren does purchase refills at the gas station. We determined yesterday that it is cheaper to buy at the gas station.