Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No More White Stockinettte

I'm knitting a sweater for Dad for Christmas/his birthday. The main portion of the sweater is white stockinette. This is my first adult sized sweater, so I had no clue how mind numbing it is to knit that much with no pattern and no color. To make it worse, gauge swatches lie, so even though I made a gauge swatch, my gauge was wrong. Being the stubborn person I am, I refused to accept that it was too big until I had knit almost the entire back, meaning that I have knit almost 2 backs (one was frogged) and 1 front. I am done. Happy dances were danced, along with some woohoos. No more white stockinette for me.

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Siân said...

I can SO empathise with you! I think every sweater I've knitted has been a cable sweater just because I get SO BORED if I don't have something I have to concentrate on! I'm also stubborn enough to refuse to acknowledge a problem until I've practically finished the project and have to start over! Somehow that defeats the reasoning behind the stubbornness which is that I'm too lazy to fix it! Way to persevere! Glad you finished it!