Monday, November 10, 2008

Bad Blogger, No Cookie

Ok, so I really am not the kind of person who blogs regularly. I knew this when I started. I will start blogging regularly soon, because I am doing a swap that requires blogging. It is the Hogwarts Little bit of Everything Swap. So far, I'm fairly clueless, because I have never been involved in a swap that required more than just posting a list of stuff you like and picking out/making stuff your partner likes. Being clueless is quite interesting, because I'm suppose to be leading the dueling. I'm learning a lot as I go and am quite excited.

Well, it is now November, and I'm sure you are dying to know how the no spend month went. We ended up breaking the rules and going out to eat at the end of the month, but we learned so much about what is important to us financially that I think it was a success. We are currently just working off a budget and doing Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover, baby step one, but I think we might institure a short no buy for the next couple weeks. Having some no buy time helps us to stay focused.

The past 10 days, we have bought a lot more than we usually buy at one time, but only one yarn purchase was a frivilous purchase. We are keeping our house a lot colder this winter (I don't feel like paying for heat since I pay so much for AC) which meant that I needed some warmer clothes. The $50 spent on clothes and $30 spent on an electric blanket will be much cheaper than the heating bills. Then, our crockpot died. Crockpots are a neccessity for cheap, easy winter meals. So, we got a new one. Darren also got some new shirts, because his are starting to disinigrate. All of this was important, but we need to regroup from it.

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