Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Surprise Package and A Little Spending

First off, confession time. Darren always has soda (when did I start calling pop "soda"?) everyday at work. Normally, we get Starbucks or something similar on the way to our SnB on Saturdays. Since we didn't today, poor Darren was falling asleep while crocheting. So, I sent him to the bakery next door to get caffeine. We will plan better next week. We bought tea bags at the grocery store and will be drinking tea instead of water.

Confession number two: I don't even know if this is allowed spending or not. We have a moth problem this time of year (the kind that likes dried goods, not wool). Most of our dried goods were already in good containers, but we didn't have any for brown sugar, powdered sugar or powdered milk. We bought some.

Now the exciting news. Thursday night, Darren told me there was a package our back patio from UPS. I figured it could be one of two things; the yarn I ordered through a co-op in June or the used crockpot my mom said she would send me for dyeing yarn/roving in. I told him to bring it in and he said it was too big. So we go outside. The box says it's from my mom, but it is huge, so we open it.

That's not a crockpot.

Darren and Minerva modeled the pieces. The thing in Darren's hand is the crockpot Mom promised.

All put together inside the house. It is a Country Craftsman, which is a better wheel than we were going to ask for for Christmas. My parents found it at a garage sale, so they bought it for us.
It needs a new fly whorl and drive band.

Confession number 3: We are buying the parts now. We have two justifications for this:
1. We are fixing something used, which isn't the same thing as buying something new. (Darren's excuse)
2. This wheel is no longer being made, so there is no telling how long the parts will be available. (my excuse)

Darren has asked for a spinning class and roving for his birthday. I think that's pretty darn cool.

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